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  The adblue Beta-Test-Center
Your participation as a beta tester is, of course, free of charge.
The Beta-Test-Center is currently closed!  
The first Beta-Test-Phase is already underway.
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the Beta-Test-Center is currently closed!

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The Beta-Test-Magazines for downloading:
  The Beta-Test-Magazine - Issue 1 The Beta-Test-Magazine - Issue 2
Topics covered in this issue:
Currency window and
CoT sentiment analysis

Download Magazine - Issue 1
Download Magazine - Issue 1
Topics covered in this issue:
The adblue graphics department
Trend, Swing and Momentum

Download Magazine - Issue 2
Download Magazine - Issue 2
  The Beta-Test-Magazine - Issue 3 The Beta-Test-Magazine - Issue 4
Topics covered in this issue:
The Resistance/Support Module
The Signal Module

Download Magazine - Issue 3
Download Magazine - Issue 3
Topics covered in this issue:
The Fast Market Indicator
The PipVariometer

Download Magazine - Issue 4
Download Magazine - Issue 4
  What is a Beta-Test? Become a Beta-Tester!
New software goes through different stages during development. During the alpha phase, the software undergoes extensive internal testing and the proper functioning of essential functions is assured. Upon completion of the alpha phase, the software receives beta version status.

Then, before its official release, the software is vetted in a beta test and new features are tested under real conditions and with a large number of possible equipment combinations.

The next step is the release of the software for adblue customers and the development of additional modules and functions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

In order to test our software, you should bring in addition to the curiosity and the interest in the program also willingness to experiment.

Please only sign up as a Beta-Tester, if you have enough time to examine and test the software extensively.

You have the exclusive privilege to evaluate and use new program features before everybody else.
The Beta-Test-Center is currently closed!

Free entry into the Beta-Tester waiting list:

Bugs / Troubleshooting / New Features Date: 08.12.2008  
Bugs and troubleshooting with the next update November 03 - 07, 2008
It was possible to set an alarm in the signal tool without indicating before whether there should be an alarm for long or short.
Checkboxes for alarms were marked only indistinctly, instead of a recognizable checkbox.
The Swing Module and the Momentum Module (setting very short term) responded too slowly and will function correctly with the next update.
New features and improvements with the next update November 03 - 07, 2008
The entire Indication Module Swing/Trend/Mom will have overviews, so that it is possible for all currency pairs to view all time
levels and indications simultaneously without the need to switch tabs.
The login button to start the software will have a more conspicuous button color.
Additional performance improvements through an even better compression technology of the packet data delivery to the client.
New powerful tools in preparation (anticipated test phase from November 24 - 28, 2008)
Fast Market Indicator - Flash warning function before strong market movements occur.
PipVariometer - Speed and momentum calculation of individual currency pairs.
Attachment of application and training films to the information button of each analysis tool.
New features and improvements with the update December 08 - 12, 2008
Fast Market Indicator - Flash warning function before strong market movements occur.
PipVariometer - Speed and momentum calculation of individual currency pairs.
The Combi Module - Trend strength, volatility, Fast Market Indicator and momentum at a glance.
Fibonacci and Pivot - Real-time calculations for various time levels including probability calculations.
  Problue FX - Frequently Asked Questions:
Will it be possible in the near future to trade with Problue FX directly?
Yes, the necessary developments are top priority of the adblue team.
adblue will set internationally new benchmarks in order routing.
How are the individual time intervals defined:
very short term:
5 min
60 min
30 min
4 h
4 h
1 day
long term:
3 days
Is it possible to use Problue FX with a proxy server?
Yes, this will be possible starting mid-January 2009.
What ports need to be unlocked?
The following ports must be unlocked:
Port 80
Port 8091
Is it possible to use Problue FX with Mac or Linux?
No, this is not planned. However, at a later stage, there will be a platform-independent version.
It will be based on Microsoft Silverline technology which will allow you to use Problue FX with any operating system.
Is it possible to use Problue FX on multiple monitors?
Yes, starting in January 2009, you can duplicate Problue FX according to the number of monitors (better method than dragging the software over the monitors).
Is Problue FX going to support different screen resolutions?
Yes, currently, Problue FX is optimized for 1024 * 768, already in the next updates Problue FX will configure itself according to your personal screen resolution.
Is Problue FX going to offer various languages?
Yes, starting in January 2009 in English and in the subsequent months, also in French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Chinese (Cantonese and Traditional)
and Arabic, Hungarian, Portuguese and Japanese.
Are there going to be additional analysis tools?
Yes, as already mentioned, the PipVariometer and Fast Market Indicator will be launched soon.
In addition, a volatility calculation module and a trend strength comparison tool with which you can see at a glance in real-time the trend strength of individual currencies
in a direct comparison will follow this year. The current Resistance and Support Module will also be expanded with additional Fibonacci and Pivot calculations.

Beginning 2009, there will be an additional correlation calculation tool showing correlations of individual currencies. In addition, the order depth and order volume of the largest banks are displayed, providing you practically order flow and Level II information, as you know it from the stock or futures trading.

Additional modules will be released, but we ask for your understanding that at this time we will not be able to provide further information.
At this point we would like to thank our Beta-Testers for the many suggestions,
criticisms and words of praise. Feedback is very important to us and it is always
forwarded immediately to the software developer where it is processed.

Please also note the Terms of Use of the Beta-Test-Center.