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  Correlation How it works!
The Correlation Module indicates the relative strength of various currencies with respect to each other without elaborate analysis of the currency pairs.

This module is especially useful in case of increasing volatility or at the beginning of a trend caused by influencing economic data.

Example: If the U.S. dollar is in a downward trend, one can see at a glance which dollar currency pair is developing best, and thus offers most likely the biggest profit opportunity.

How it works!
  Correlation: Application
Here, all currency pairs are displayed. They can be activated or deactivated by a simple mouse click. All activated currency pairs
are displayed in the Correlation Module as color charts.
Here, all activated currency pairs are displayed as color charts.
By left-clicking on this button you will obtain at the cursor information on the percentage deviation to each activated currency pair. The same function can be activated using a right mouse click on any time point in the chart (at any height).
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