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  1. Currency Pairs
The currency window provides basic information about the situation on foreign exchanges. Since good trading opportunities arise especially during the daily highs and lows, this form of presentation with its intuitive operability supports perfectly your overview of all currency pairs and the timing to act.

The analytic shortcut tool bar offers the trader a wide range of additional information that you will not want to miss in the future.

For all important details, please click here: Currency Pairs
Currency Pairs
  2. Signals
Where are the proper entry and exit points? In a clearly structured display, the Indication Module provides the buy and sell signals on different time levels. Here, short term, intermediate and long term trends as well as their entry and exit points are displayed.

The Signals Module is a power tool for the trend-based approach. In Problue FX, adblue has included a tool that provides trend-based, clear, unambiguous buy and sell signals - in real time, for all major currency pairs and for different time levels.

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  3. Indications
Are you a swing or trend trader? Do you want to know in which direction things are trending or where they currently stand? With the Swing, Trend and Momentum Modules you have just the right tool for a current market analysis on hand.

The goal in developing Problue FX was to include market indications in the software in such a manner that the user no longer has to interpret single indications or combinations of indications, but instead receives clear signals that the user can apply directly in buy or sell decisions.

For all important details, please click here: Indication Module
  4. Levels | Support
Similar to the Indication Module, the levels and support window contains several modules which provide the trader with an overview of market activities in a manner that can not be achieved by usual technical indicators.

The window contains modules that provide the trader with information about resistance and support levels, illustrate volatility and extract besides market speed also trend direction and strength - in real-time!

For all important details, please click here: Levels | Support
Levels | Support
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Problue FX - The Forex Software
Problue FX - The Forex Software