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  Momentum How it works!
The third tool in the module shows the momentum of the current market. Again, just like with Swing and Trend, you can select the currency pair and the time frame and set or delete alarms.

The screenshot shows the market momentum in the positive area (blue). If the market looses momentum, the negative area (red) is shown accordingly.

The Momentum indicator can be used as supportive evidence of the trend. An upward trend should coincide with a large upward momentum, because it suggests that longs in a potential upward trend are connected to indeed rising prices and the trade does not fade away in a sideways movement.

In the tab "Sum" you can see this correlation for all time levels at a glance.

How it works!
  Momentum: Application
The menu for the currency pairs is located at the upper left
Using the second drop-down menu allows you to set the desired time frame
With this button you can view and compare two currency pairs or indications
simultaneously in a new View.
The white numbered balls above and below define the respective section and
the individual phases of the swing.
The current position of the swing is always clearly marked with colors.
Momentum: Comparison and Sum
  Momentum: Comparison and Sum How it works!
For a better market assessment, the indicator modules Trend, Swing and Momentum may be displayed simultaneously on all time levels in a single view or two indication modules may be compared on all time levels.
With a click on this button you get a comparison of two indication modules on all time levels in a new view.

Using the fourth tab "Sum", for a selected currency all three indication modules may be displayed on all time levels in a single view.
How it works!
  Comparison and Sum: Application
This drop-down menu lets you select a currency pair
This dropdown menu lets you select an Indication Module
In this line, each time level is displayed in a column at the bottom of the screen
Trend Module Swing Module Cross Rates Module Resistance and Support Module
Trend Module
Swing Module
Cross Rates Module
Resistance and Support Module
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