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Pivot Points
  Pivot Points How it works!
This module provides the pivot points of a market relative to the respective time level.

Simplistically speaking, the pivot points represent resistances and supports on a short term basis.
Pivot Points
There are always only five pivot lines: At the top, the 2nd resistance; below, the 1st resistance; below is the pivot point; below, the 1st support; at the very bottom the 2nd support.

Depending on how the price of a market develops, the current price may spread between the entire 2nd resistance and 2nd support or even beyond.
How it works!
  Pivot Punkte: Application
The menu for the currency pairs is located at the upper left.
Using the second drop-down menu allows you to set the desired time frame.
The left side of the module displays the pip distances of the individual Pivot lines to the current rate in the color-enhanced areas. For lines above the current rate the areas are blue, for lines below, they are red.
Two lines above the current rate indicate the two closest Pivot lines.
The two lines below the current rate indicate the two closest Pivot lines. Again, the respective prices in the middle of the module are displayed numerically. Only the two Pivot lines closest to the price are shown (above and below), depending on the time level. For example, in the long term setting for the next resistance, the pip distance to the current price could be significantly larger than in the short term setting.
To the right of the numbers for the alarm setting, you can see two percentages for each Pivot line. These figures describe the probability for a breakout or a rebound of the price level.
  Here are some examples
Example 1:
Resistance, high probability of price breakout.
Example 2:
Resistance, high probability for price rebound.
Display: Display:
  Example 1
  Example 2
In the right half of the window, the various price levels of the Pivot lines are labeled with numbers on white circles. These numbers are used for the alarm function. For example, if you would like to set an alarm for the next support, select number 3 of the alarm setting.
At the center of the window the current price is displayed numerically.
In the center there is a horizontal red line that represents the current price.



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