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Resistance / Support
  Resistance and Support How it works!
Even a complete overview of all major resistance and support levels will not get you ahead a single step. The knowledge of the various levels is not sufficient to participate because the price at any level can both rebound as well as break the level.

For meaningful risk assessment, it is therefore essential to know the probability for resistances and supports to hold or to be broken. With Levels, the Resistance and Support Module, we have included a module in Problue FX that will help recognize price parameters that are important for your trade - and that also indicate the likelihood that the respective resistances and supports will hold or will break. An indispensable tool for precise and risk-conscious trading.
Resistance and Support
This module works, of course, with values collected in real time. Depending on the selection of the time level (very short term, short term, intermediate or long term) relevant resistances and supports are calculated for this level and the two closest ones to the current price are displayed.

Yet another detail supports your risk-conscious trade: When the price breaks resistance or support, a safety function checks first by using the software whether the price was actually broken or whether it only had been tested and the price is dropping again. If the safety function detects that the price level actually was broken, the broken support (or broken resistance) is no longer displayed, but instead the next price level is displayed. In such a manner, always two resistances and two supports are shown, even if the price breaks through one of the levels.
How it works!
  Resistance and Support: Application
The menu for the currency pairs is located at the upper left.
Using the second drop-down menu allows you to set the desired time frame.
On the left side of the module in the color-enhanced areas the pip distances of the individual resistances and supports to the current price are displayed. For resistances the areas are blue, for supports they are red.
Two lines above the current rate indicate the two closest resistances.
Two lines below the current rate indicate the two closest supports. Again, the respective prices are displayed numerically in the middle of the module. Only the two resistances and supports closest to the price are shown, depending on the time level. For example, in the long term setting for the next resistance, the pip distance to the current rate could be significantly larger than in the short term setting.
To the right of the numbers for the alarm setting, you can see two percentages for resistance and support each. These figures describe the probability for a breakout or a rebound of the price level.
  Here are some examples
Example 1:
Resistance, high probability of price breakout.
Example 2:
Resistance, high probability for a price rebound.
Display: Display:
  Example 1
  Example 2
In the right half of the window, the various price levels of resistance or support are labeled with numbers on white circles. These numbers are used for the alarm function. For example, if you would like to set an alarm for the next support, select number 3 of the alarm setting.
At the center of the window, the current price is displayed numerically.
In the center, there is a horizontal red line that represents the current price.
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