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Stop Calculator
  Stop Calculator How it works!
Even for professionals the correct setting of safety stops to hedge trading risks is a constant challenge and one of the largest sources of error. Professional position management is de facto impossible without the clear definition of a market exit in case of opposing market movements. Stop calculator takes into account volatility, resistance and support and the market speed when calculating its stop points and removes uncertainty in risk reduction.
Stop Calculator
Four stops are available for long or short positions. Depending on the individual risk management, stops can be selected closer or further away from the current market price.

As a basic rule: The shorter the trading horizon, the more closely the safety stop can be selected.
How it works!
  Stop Calculator: Application
The menu for the currency pairs is located at the top
Here, all calculated stops are listed.
Here, the current price of the corresponding currency pair is shown.
The blue bars show the progress of the stop calculation.
Using the red button "Sell Calc", all sell stops can be calculated.
Using the blue button "Buy Calc", all buy stops can be calculated.
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